A Star is Born

The Vietnamese are friendly people. And the Vietnamese students, very friendly people! No matter what sort of day you could possibly be having or whatever mood you may be sulking in, the feeling… Continue reading

Getting Spooked on Halloween

Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year, celebrations seemed to be endless and quite premature, starting almost 5 day before the actual holiday itself. But regardless, Mary and I joined the festivities… Continue reading

Shopping Shock

So despite my luggage being massively overweight, I somehow found myself in a position where I need to buy clothes here in Ho Chi Minh City. Now this is not just my guilty… Continue reading

Slow Ride, Take it Easy

If you are looking for a more adventurous way to see the countryside of Vietnam, ditch the open bus tours and sign up for an Easy Rider. During our time in Nha Trang,… Continue reading

Vacation on a Vacation

Two weeks since our departure and Mary and I decided we needed a vacation. 😉 With teaching bound to be starting soon, we thought it best to take advantage of our free time… Continue reading

Addressing the Elephant in the Room…

 ….An American in Vietnam. In the past, I was the enemy. And now, I am the tourist. Before leaving for this trip, telling people I was moving abroad to Vietnam received some skeptical… Continue reading

The Park. Come as Strangers, Leave as Friends.

  Back when we were in our second hostel, there was one of the city parks across the street, park 23/9. I read before how after the day’s work, people would gather for… Continue reading

Moving On Up

Tourist visas and other immigration legalities aside, we are true residents of Saigon now! While I already noted how Mary and I found our own apartment to rent, we now are fully moved… Continue reading

Taxi Trouble

I read about taxi scams before I came here. Then I got to experience it when I came here. People will say you will get scammed, ripped off, or overcharged somehow during your… Continue reading

House Hunting International

While it may seem like Mary and I are just bumming around the sidewalks of Vietnam, we are actually hard at work trying to adjust into a new life here. After some minor… Continue reading