Ticket to Lounge Town

If you have read my sleeper bus post, you know I love my share of public transportation. And you also know, I love my share of sleeping on it. For me, the overnight… Continue reading

Motorbike Diaries

Day 1 and I somehow found myself riding my new motorbike (ehhh…scooter) for 4 hours to the Mekong Delta. Blame it on the FOMO (fear of missing out) blame it on my undeniable… Continue reading

Conquering the Sleeper Bus

February is fast approaching and in my new Asian life, February no longer just means Valentine’s Day and the shortest month of the year. Now, it means TET. Tet is one of the… Continue reading

New Year, New House, New Bike

So far 2013 has rendered some great changes. For one, we are out of our old apartment and into our new house down the street. The move was pretty ridiculous as we bopped… Continue reading

Feeding Your Appetite for Art

For a visiting tourist or a newbie expat like myself, uncovering this city’s art scene and feeling like you have a comprehensive, thorough knowledge of its context and history is a bit of… Continue reading

The Café Culture of Ho Chi Minh City

At first glance, Ho Chi Minh City may appear to be a bustling, urban jungle of motorbikes and traffic. A intricate web of alleys, narrow buildings and the increasing additions of new tall… Continue reading


Browsing through Vietnam Craiglist under part time jobs, I found gold. An job posting with The Word magazine as an intern. Yes, yes, unpaid but potential for paid writing. If you’re good enough… Continue reading

You in a Chair. A Boy in a Street.

You in a chair. A boy in a street. A beer in your hand. A dozen roses in his. You drink for fun. He sells for his life. You’ll throw away your dollar,… Continue reading

Tourism, Consumerism. Same Same.

A major part of the economy is very tourist oriented here, you will see it right away walking around City Centre, especially the Pham Ngu Lao/Bui Vien area. Streets line the shops selling… Continue reading

A New Year’s Gamble

 So here I am, back in Vietnam. 22 hours and too many airplane meals later. After a short trip home, I made sure to be back for the 31st to ring in the… Continue reading