The Cottage Café

So last night after work, I decided to venture to my first BEAN event. Since I’m new to Shanghai, I figured it would be a proactive way to meet people and get involved… Continue reading

Chinese Greetings

‘你好’ from Shanghai! I have arrived to China last Sunday, leaving behind Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. While there is plenty I already miss, one of the major ones is the warmth. It… Continue reading

No Expectations

Everyday, this trip continues to be a learning experience as I’ve discovered a lot of things about life and about myself. And while I’ll keep many of these lessons for my journal…. “Dear… Continue reading

Onwards and Forwards

In a few days, April 2nd will bring the six-month mark in my journey and move abroad to Asia. It is crazy to think it has been half a year already and it… Continue reading

The Pain of Child Labor

In my recent trip to Cambodia, I witnessed a heavy amount of child labor from children in the street to children at the temples. You see it here in Vietnam and Siem Reap… Continue reading

Angkor Whoa

A few weeks ago, a friend from University of Delaware emailed me about his upcoming travels to Vietnam and if I had any advice/suggestions. He was traveling down from Bangkok through Cambodia to… Continue reading

Districts aren’t only for the Hunger Games

Moving or traveling to Ho Chi Minh City? Interested in which district may suit you best? Check out my post on ExpatArrivals here about the all the different areas and suburbs Vietnam’s largest… Continue reading

Getting Around in Ho Chi Minh City

Interested in how to make your way around this bustling city with over 3 million motorbikes? Don’t fret just yet. Read my piece about Ho Chi Minh City’s Transportation here on  … Continue reading

Killing it with Kindness

Thailand, The Land of the Smiles. Thais, some of the friendliest people you will meet. The country and the people had quite the reputation to live up to. In my week traveling from… Continue reading

A Word to the Wise for Your Thai Bus RIde

The Tet Holiday was filled with bus rides. From Vietnam to Cambodia, from Cambodia to Laos, and from the north of Thailand to the south beaches. Wooh, I had my fair share. I… Continue reading