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My Pathway to Discovering Sustainable Tourism

As tourists we have the power to leave much more than just our footprints behind. This post delves into the self-discovery of responsible travel. “Leave nothing but your footprints behind” is a mantra… Continue reading

The Art of Bargaining in Southeast Asia

I have been in Asia for almost a year now and I’ve had my fair share of markets. From bargaining for weasel poop coffee in the Ben Thanh of Ho Chi Minh City… Continue reading

Visas: A Neccessary Evil

The V word; how it makes me shudder. They aren’t fun. Sure, they decorate your passport quite nicely but in terms of the attention and funds they require (especially in China for Americans)… Continue reading

Updates from Abroad

Ni-Howdy World! The beginning of June marks two months of life in Shanghai. Quite pathetically in those two months, I’ve had two posts. It’s not that there aren’t things to blog about here… Continue reading

The Marriage Market

In life, I think it is safe to say that everyone wants to be loved in some way or another. In Shanghai, I know it is safe to say that every parent wants… Continue reading

The Cottage Café

So last night after work, I decided to venture to my first BEAN event. Since I’m new to Shanghai, I figured it would be a proactive way to meet people and get involved… Continue reading

Chinese Greetings

‘你好’ from Shanghai! I have arrived to China last Sunday, leaving behind Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. While there is plenty I already miss, one of the major ones is the warmth. It… Continue reading