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Getting Around in Ho Chi Minh City

Interested in how to make your way around this bustling city with over 3 million motorbikes? Don’t fret just yet. Read my piece about Ho Chi Minh City’s Transportation here on  … Continue reading

Motorbike Diaries

Day 1 and I somehow found myself riding my new motorbike (ehhh…scooter) for 4 hours to the Mekong Delta. Blame it on the FOMO (fear of missing out) blame it on my undeniable… Continue reading

New Year, New House, New Bike

So far 2013 has rendered some great changes. For one, we are out of our old apartment and into our new house down the street. The move was pretty ridiculous as we bopped… Continue reading

Taxi Trouble

I read about taxi scams before I came here. Then I got to experience it when I came here. People will say you will get scammed, ripped off, or overcharged somehow during your… Continue reading

Look both ways, then both ways again…and again

So one of my number one fears before I came on the trip was the traffic. Even in New York City, I like to wait for the walk signal and then go. I… Continue reading