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You in a Chair. A Boy in a Street.

You in a chair. A boy in a street. A beer in your hand. A dozen roses in his. You drink for fun. He sells for his life. You’ll throw away your dollar,… Continue reading

Tourism, Consumerism. Same Same.

A major part of the economy is very tourist oriented here, you will see it right away walking around City Centre, especially the Pham Ngu Lao/Bui Vien area. Streets line the shops selling… Continue reading

Ho Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh City

I know I know, it’s after Christmas but this was written before and I fell behind on my posting. And this event was too good not to share. Merry Belated Christmas? For those… Continue reading

Life with the Locals

I get antsy quite easily. This isn’t a recent vietnam development either. Even back at home, my friends would wonder what I was always doing or why I was busy when I shouldn’t… Continue reading

Getting Spooked on Halloween

Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year, celebrations seemed to be endless and quite premature, starting almost 5 day before the actual holiday itself. But regardless, Mary and I joined the festivities… Continue reading

Sidewalk Nightlife

Since me and Mary are still in hostels we have been a bit contained to the backpacking district. Apparently the nightlife in Saigon is a wide mix from swanky night clubs and bars… Continue reading

Your fate is in your hands

I have always had a weird thing for psychics. Call it crazy but I find them quite interesting. Of course you make your own fate in life but it is very entertaining to… Continue reading