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Districts aren’t only for the Hunger Games

Moving or traveling to Ho Chi Minh City? Interested in which district may suit you best? Check out my post on ExpatArrivals here about the all the different areas and suburbs Vietnam’s largest… Continue reading

New Year, New House, New Bike

So far 2013 has rendered some great changes. For one, we are out of our old apartment and into our new house down the street. The move was pretty ridiculous as we bopped… Continue reading

Moving On Up

Tourist visas and other immigration legalities aside, we are true residents of Saigon now! While I already noted how Mary and I found our own apartment to rent, we now are fully moved… Continue reading

House Hunting International

While it may seem like Mary and I are just bumming around the sidewalks of Vietnam, we are actually hard at work trying to adjust into a new life here. After some minor… Continue reading