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My Pathway to Discovering Sustainable Tourism

As tourists we have the power to leave much more than just our footprints behind. This post delves into the self-discovery of responsible travel. “Leave nothing but your footprints behind” is a mantra… Continue reading

The Art of Bargaining in Southeast Asia

I have been in Asia for almost a year now and I’ve had my fair share of markets. From bargaining for weasel poop coffee in the Ben Thanh of Ho Chi Minh City… Continue reading

The Pain of Child Labor

In my recent trip to Cambodia, I witnessed a heavy amount of child labor from children in the street to children at the temples. You see it here in Vietnam and Siem Reap… Continue reading

Angkor Whoa

A few weeks ago, a friend from University of Delaware emailed me about his upcoming travels to Vietnam and if I had any advice/suggestions. He was traveling down from Bangkok through Cambodia to… Continue reading