A Balinese Walks Into a Bar

I was immediately drawn to Bali not only because of its physical beauty (see below) but the loveliness of its people.  For me, I find a sense of humor to be one of the best qualities a person can have. What is more special than someone who can make you smile and laugh? And the Balinese do just this. Below are some of my favorite examples of the typical jokes you will come across on this exceptional island.

“Where are you from?”
“My mom.”

“I’m Deirdre.”
“I’m Ketuk. Nice to meet me.”

After some scraps and bumps from a motorbike fall…
“What did you do? You know you are supposed to snorkel on the sea, not on the street, yah?”

“We are open until close”

“Ah-choo” (that’s a sneeze)
“Thanks God”

At a school in Nusa Penida, a mouse scattered across the floor…
“Oh look, new student”

“When’s high season?”
“After low season.”

Leaving Nusa Penida for good, a friend says…
“See you tomorrow, yah?”