New Year, New House, New Bike

So far 2013 has rendered some great changes. For one, we are out of our old apartment and into our new house down the street. The move was pretty ridiculous as we bopped from our old apartment to a hostel for a night across the street and then back across the street to our new house in an alley. From our rooftop we can actually see the old apartment building. But it was time to go. The curfew and the security guard and us just did not get along. It was only after we signed our lease and moved in that we learned about this. It was a good thing we signed only a two month lease at first, renewing it for another half a month when it was up. It gave us some nice flexibility to make a change if we weren’t happy and that’s exactly what we did. When you first move to a city unlike anywhere you’ve been, you can’t expect to know it all. And so we found a great, spacious, three bedroom, three bathroom alley house exactly where we wanted to be. My shower space has been cut in half but you gotta make some sacrifices. The rooftop makes up for it plenty.


2013 may be the year of the water snake but it’s also the year of the scooter/motorbike! We are finally apart of the city with this new addition. It’s real life Mario Kart out here, Mary has the sound effects to prove it.  And unlike at home. bikes can (and should) go in the house here!