Feeding Your Appetite for Art

For a visiting tourist or a newbie expat like myself, uncovering this city’s art scene and feeling like you have a comprehensive, thorough knowledge of its context and history is a bit of a challenge.
There are numerous contemporary art galleries throughout this city and the HCMC FIne Arts Museum is a great place to start exploring. But how much have you discovered when you exit the gallery doors? Do you leave feeling satisfied with your new knowledge of the art and the artist behind it? Or, do you leave wondering what you really just saw? I experienced this appetite for art as I toured from gallery to gallery.
A good solution to this hunger is Sophie’s Art Tour. An art tour that started as a personal research project, the guests explore Vietnam from colonialism to independence, communism to globalization through the brush strokes of its artists.  Focusing on the major shifts rendered by the 20th and 21st century, Sophie’s Art Tour helps art lovers and history bookworms alike gain a deeper understanding of Vietnam’s art history. Led by art historian and Saigon resident, Sophie Hughes provides the personal stories behind Vietnam’s art to help you fully appreciate and understand this city’s vibrant visual culture.
Check out more information about the tour at http://sophiesarttour.com