Browsing through Vietnam Craiglist under part time jobs, I found gold. An job posting with The Word magazine as an intern. Yes, yes, unpaid but potential for paid writing. If you’re good enough that is. And so I submitted my resume and a link to my blog following the directions to make the email subject three adjectives that describe me most awesomely. And so I sat, trying to describe myself, which is not really my favorite thing in the world to do. I went back and forth and then back and forth again before finally deciding that hey if we are being honest, indecisive is one of them. Looking back, next time I think (especially for job related endeavors) I’ll keep that one to myself.
Despite the odd choice and slip of judgement on my part, I heard back and the next week they had me working on a city guide listing on top 50 cafes and a piece for their “In the Frame” column, which covers anything related to the art scene here in HCMC.
 photo 3
Timing could not have been better either as that week the magazine had their 5th year anniversary birthday party at the Bitexco Tower. The rooftop bar had amazing city views and I had the opportunity to ditch the Saigon Greens for a night and indulge in some nice Heinekens.
My mom thinks she has the next Anthony Bourdain as a daughter and my sister referred to me as the Carrie Bradshaw of Vietnam. I say, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here people. It’s an unpaid review of coffee.
Either way, let the drinking (coffee) begin!